About The Artist
At 72 I am following my dream of fighting against violations taking place on our Planet Earth. By encouraging today's youth to connect with Mother Nature. In the form of art & photography. I’m a first-generation descendant of Holocaust survivors, some of them managed to escape Auschwitz. The country that gave refuge with so much love and compassion, to my parents is my country of birth Venezuela. That love for Venezuela rules my life until this day. Since 2010 I haven’t been able to visit my country and I doubt that I can without repercussions, because of my political involvement. I might die without ever going back; which’s one of my life’s greatest sorrows and regrets. With this art I want Nature, to serve as a wake-up call or a call to action; but also create a need for BEAUTY and JOY amidst the turbulent times we’re living in.

Wa- WO

These NFTs are pieces of my humble abode photos, converted into digital art which I want to share. I started to take photos around my home. I clicked these photos and eventually transformed them digitally applying different Special Effects and Filters to create NFT Art; which I denominated the Wa-Wo Wave Collection.

How the Art is Created


Created Art